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The tide of market is also surging forward with grade momentum; look back into the past, relied on outstanding courage and insight Nice Hua Steel is surfing in the sea of trading, members of Nice Hua Stee meet the turbulent waves with their broad heart; recollection of the hard days shall be the ultimate honor for the heroes bravely facing the ferocious tide. only torments and windinds suffered may come a drop of success.However, that shall be the new starting line of Nice Hua Stee to march forward. depend on the staunch perseverance, they faced severe conditions; with the ebb and peace of waves, The sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold, if the drop of success composed only a little nodule in the development, People of Nice Hua Stee have gathered at that starting line, willing to endeavor for achieving a next glory for evermore. I'm grateful to those friends who bring me sunshine and hope and help me make up my mind along the way.With local view and global vision, Nice Hua Steel will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "working hard, winning by quality, being trustworthy" and the business philosophy of "serving users, contributing to society, and developing the company", so as to work closely together to advance China's modernization construction.